Decotile 55 2.50mm Thick Dry Back Planks/Tiles 0.55 Wear Layer

Decotile 55 2.50mm Thick Dry Back Planks/Tiles 0.55 Wear Layer

LVT comes in a variety of different colours, patterns and finishes that will bring any room to life! Our LVT is perfect for pretty much every room in your home including bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge and dining areas as well as kitchens and utility rooms. It is also ideal for many commercial environments such as gyms, retail outlets, hotels etc.

In terms of practical benefits, LVT is scratch-resistant, making it perfect for high traffic areas of the home. It’s ideal for creating a calm, peaceful environment within your home and is excellent at absorbing noise as well. If you have small children, or are a bit clumsy in the kitchen, you’ll be pleased to know that LVT is less likely to break or crack should you drop something on it.

Maintaining your new LVT flooring is also incredibly easy – just sweep, vacuum and mop your tiles regularly! Spills, heat and general moisture won’t affect your LVT. It really can withstand almost anything you throw at it. Stone, wood and ceramic flooring can often feel hard and cold underfoot, but not LVT as its luxury feel means it’s warm even when you’re walking around bare foot. 

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